About Us

These aren't your traditional roadside cabins. Each cabin has a unique theme and decor. Our year-round rustic cabins are spacious, one of a kind, handcrafted log homes ideal for that romantic getaway or for a group gathering. We are located in the White Mountains with all of the best attractions nearby. Learn more about our cabins.

History of Josselyn's Getaway Log Cabins

Josselyn’s Sawmill, Inc. began as a small shingle mill in the early 1970’s. After shoring up the old dairy barn, the first shingles were cut and put on the barn. Later the same building housed a portable Belsaw Sawmill, only to be replaced by a Lane #1 Mill sometime later it was moved from the Alden Holmes property on the other side of Jefferson. The mill had produced up to sixty log home packages per year sawing about one million board feet annually.

Beginning in the late 70’s the sawmill produced all logs and lumber needed for construction of the vacation rental cabins.  The building boom of the 80’s kept the mill hopping.

A warehouse and shop used for storage of building supplies adjacent to the sawmill burned in 1994. This was replaced by a wood working shop where a new endeavor producing log furniture and accessories began.
The Sawmill was disassembled in the spring of 2012.

Josselyn’s Sawmill, Inc. sold the rental cabin part of the business in June 2017 and we are now Josselyn’s Getaway Log Cabins, LLC. The only business operating at our present location are the rental cabins.

Each rental cabin has a unique theme and history.  Guests have travelled many miles each season and year to enjoy their favorite cabin or experience a new cabin.

Through the years ‘Cabin in the Woods’ became one of the most popular cabins.  It was the first log cabin built on the property and will always be special.  ‘Cabin is the Woods’ has a babbling brook and is situated in the middle of a maple grove, famed for once winning New Hampshire’s Carlisle Trophy for the best maple syrup in the state.


Work began in 1979 on the ‘Workshop’ cabin to provide a second personal residence. Planning/zoning board regulations did not allow two permanent residences on one piece of property, so permission was granted to allow cabin rentals.  When local planning/zoning agreed to allow overnight and weekly rentals, other cabins were converted and the vacation rental business began.

‘Hikers’ cabin was used for a several years as a center for Josselyn’s Sawmill’s log building school. When converted over to a rental cabin it was originally called the ‘Schoolhouse Cabin’, but after realizing guests did not want to vacation at a schoolhouse, the name was changed to ‘Hikers’.    Hikers have enjoyed the White Mountains for years and many have appreciated the ambience of the cabin and its hiking supplies.  A swing in the living room is its best feature!

‘Brookside’ cabin began to attract business and as an attraction.  The cabin’s construction was started during a small open house to show those interested in building their own log cabin. 

Over the year’s various outbuildings were used and included in the design of the many cabins that followed in the years to come.

So much love and care was put into building, designing, and decorating our rustic log cabins.


We hope you visit us soon!